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Current seat of the Auschwitz Foundation

Visiting the Auschwitz Foundation Remembrance of Auschwitz

Rue aux Laines 17 box 50 – B-1000 Brussels

We ask people who wish to meet us in our offices or to have access to our library or archives to make an appointment, preferably by e-mail ( or by telephone, on the number: +32 (0)2 512 79 98.

Office open from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm

The team:

Frédéric CRAHAY, director
Nathalie PEETERS
Stéphanie PERRIN

Why visit the Auschwitz Foundation Remembrance of Auschwitz? What can you find there?

We offer you tools and support in both the theoretical and practical aspects of Remembrance education.

The Foundation possesses an extensive library and various archives.

Remembrance of Auschwitz has specialised staff who can help you with a scientific or educational project, whether it is for school or not.

We have more than thirty years of experience in the field of study days, exhibitions and study trips.

Through our various publications, we tirelessly strive to combine the rigorous accuracy of science with the comprehensibility of pedagogy.

Our door is open to you whether you are a student, teacher, researcher, doctoral student or university professor, or simply an interested citizen.

All the information on how to contact us, become a member, subscribe to our newsletter and social networks can be found at the bottom of every page on the website.

To contact a person in a particular field, please select a sector of activity in the right-hand column.

History of the Auschwitz Foundation – Remembrance of Auschwitz

Contact by sector of activity

Activities (joint): ‘Train des 1 000’/‘Trein der 1.000’; BCH
‘Archiefverhalen’/‘Paroles d'archives’ (Documentary collection)
Archive (‘paper’ collection and audiovisual archives)
Audiovisual projects

‘Balises pour la citoyenneté’/‘Bakens voor Burgerzin’ (Label)
BCH (‘Bijzonder Comité voor Herinneringseducatie’)

Cellars (Brussels Gestapo Headquarters)
Conferences and Study days
Conferences and testimonies in schools

Documentary collection ‘Paroles d'archives’/‘Archiefverhalen’
Documentary screening cycles and Films for schools

Editorial staff of the journal ‘Testimony: Between History and Memory’
Educational Bulletin ‘Traces de mémoire’/‘Sporen van herinnering’
Exhibitions (loans)
‘Exprime-toi !’ / Wedstrijd ‘Linken en Herinneren’ (School competition)

Film Club ‘Passeurs d'images’/‘Verdoken beelden’
Films for schools and Documentary screening cycles

Gestapo (Brussels Headquarters and cellars)

International Prizes of the Auschwitz Foundation

Joint activities: ‘Train des 1 000’/‘Trein der 1.000’; BCH
Journal ‘Testimony: Between History and Memory’

Label ‘Balises pour la citoyenneté’/‘Bakens voor Burgerzin’
Lecture notes and reports
Lifelong learning texts (analyzes and studies in French)

‘Marolles-Midi’/‘Marollen-Zuidstation’ (Neighbourhood/district projects)

Online journal on the website
Orders and subscriptions

‘Paroles d'archives’/‘Archiefverhalen’ (Documentary collection)
Passeurs d'images’/‘Verdoken beelden’ (Film Club)
Pedagogical Committee
Press Relations
Prizes (International P.) of the Auschwitz Foundation
(Projects related to) ‘Marolles-Midi’/‘Marollen-Zuidstation’ (Neighbourhood/district projects)

Reports and lecture notes

School competition ‘Exprime-toi !’ / Wedstrijd ‘Linken en Herinneren’
Seminars (training)
‘Sporen van herinnering’/‘Traces de mémoire’ (Educational Bulletin)
Stolpersteine (‘Stumbling blocks’)
Study days and Conferences
Study trip ‘On the Traces of the Shoah in Poland’
Study visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau
Subscriptions and orders

Testimonies and conferences in schools
‘Testimony: Between History and Memory’ (Journal)
‘Traces de mémoire’/‘Sporen van herinnering’ (Educational Bulletin)
‘Train des 1 000’/‘Trein der 1.000’
Training seminars

‘Verdoken beelden’/‘Passeurs d'images’ (Film Club)

Wedstrijd ‘Linken en Herinneren’ / ‘Exprime-toi !’ (School competition)

YouTube (channel)


Auschwitz Foundation – Remembrance of Auschwitz
Rue aux Laines 17 box 50 – B-1000 Brussels
   +32 (0)2 512 79 98
BCE/KBO Auschwitz Foundation: 0876787354
BCE/KBO Remembrance of Auschwitz: 0420667323

Office open from Monday to Friday  9:30am to 4:30pm.
Visit only by appointment.

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Become a member

To become a member of Remembrance of Auschwitz ASBL, take part in its activities and support its actions, please contact us.
Membership costs €40.00, payable to account n° 310-0780517-44 (IBAN : BE55 3100 7805 1744 – BIC : BBRUBEBB)
Donations of more than €40.00 qualify for a tax exemption for Belgian tax-payers.



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